Polyotkina, Anna

Department for Research
Immanuel Kant State University of Russia

Contact:  polyotkina@mail.ru


Born (1978) in Kaliningrad, Russia

Study:  1996 - 2001 State University at Kaliningrad, Diploma of Geography

Thesis:   “Territorial recreational complex of Kaliningrad Region: 
                 Case study of the town of Zelenogradsk”

Topic of PD thesis:  “Coastal infrastructure in South Baltic Sea Region as a socio-economic system”


Comparisation of the spatial planning at the coastal areas in Lithuania, Russia (Kaliningrad region), Poland and Germany regarding the coastal infrastructure development

  • SWOT-analysis of the coastal infrastructure development in Kaliningrad region
  • Elaboration of a common strategy for the coastal infrastructure in the South Baltic Sea Region as a territorial socio-economic system